Our purpose is to lessen your stress levels and heighten your investment potential. We take professional control of your body corporate property and build a more stable high functioning body corporate community.

In today’s complex legal environment engaging with professional experienced body corporate administrators alleviates the liabilities and time involved in administering the many body corporate functions.

As specialists in the Unit Titles Act 2010, Unit Titles Regulations 2011, and associated legislation, we offer the following services:

Strategy and Consultancy

We have extensive experience developing and restructuring operational rules and body corporate legal requirements. 

Our excellent negotiating skills and thorough knowledge of body  corporate legislation means that we are seen as a trusted authority by your body corporate community. Our services include:

  • Preparation of operational rules
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Legal coordination of pre-contract and pre-settlement disclosure statements
  • Creation of Long Term Maintenance Plan

Administrative Management

Administering a body corporate takes time, and legally all correspondence, requests and work orders must be well documented. Insurances must also be appropriate and maintained, with all necessary documentation for claims well managed. 

Coordinating, chairing and minuting body corporate meetings is a mammoth task for any one individual, our team will take care of this for you – ensuring there is a quorum and facilitating an effective and efficient meeting.

Our body corporate team thrive on streamlining processes and paperwork to make body corporate operations more efficient, effective and enjoyable. We also conduct regular proactive site visits, to ensure the good upkeep is being maintained and that we remain familiar with the property. Our services include:

  • Implementation and management of operational rules
  • Ensuring compliance with the body corporate rules
  • General maintenance, work order requests, project management
  • Arrange cleaning and caretaking
  • Insurance, including claims and policy management
  • AGM and committee meeting coordination, facilitation, minuting and distribution of minutes
  • Correspondence Management
  • Maintain Register of Owners
  • Regular site visits
  • Dedicated support team

Development Consulting

Getting your development’s body corporate structure right from the outset can create real value for a property in the long term. Our services include:

  • Maintenance contracts – be fully aware of ongoing maintenance needs and budgets, so there are no surprises and no disruption to the performance of your property
  • Operating budgets – a quality budget will avoid inconvenient and uncomfortable discussions in future should funds not be sufficient to cover common issues such as repairs and maintenance
  • Levies – based on budget and maintenance, put in place a levy structure with detailed costings behind it for the reference of your body corporate members
  • Operational rules – clear and comprehensive operational rules from the outset will avoid future conflict and expensive variations
  • Compliance – ensure that the establishment, documentation and register of your body corporate is compliant with s85 of the Unit Titles Act

24/7 Service Helpdesk

We have a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk which captures all service calls and helps resolve any urgent service requests. We work with our preferred and trusted portfolio of service providers and manage a preventative maintenance plan so we can best service the assets and reduce the  call outs.

We have a web based service which provides huge benefits which includes the following:

  • Easy tracking of job requests
  • Our helpdesk can capture requests and work on a timely manner
  • Enables us to generate a service history to ensure assets are performing as desired
  • Provide automatic notifications on the status of service requests

Facilities Management

Our Property Management and Facilities Management teams work closely in providing proactive, but also responsive management of property maintenance and services requirements. This includes:

  • Management of day-to-day essential services
  • A 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Effective service contract management (we have the benefit of negotiated Group contracts)
  • Budgeting and management of operating expenditure
  • Systems and processes to maximise the economic life of assets
  • Optimising asset operational efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Services efficiency

Health & Safety

As owners and property managers, NZBC are responsible for the wellbeing of the public, tenants, contractors, and sub-contractors when on the property. 

We have specialists carry out risk audits on all properties we manage and in addition, we have developed an industry leading smart phone App called ‘Forsite’ which, paired with sensor technology, automatically detects authorised contractors arriving on site, checks them in and provides up to date hazard data about the site and job they’re undertaking. 

(refer to www.forsitenz.com or ask your NZBC representative for further information).