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NZ Body Corporate services provide peace of mind to both owners and investors through cost-effective, independent and transparent body corporate administration services.

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cost-effective, independent and transparent body corporate administration services.

Our purpose is to lessen your stress levels and heighten your investment potential. We take professional control of your collective body corporate property and build a more stable high functioning body corporate community.


NZBC Managing Director Tony Brindle has 30 years of experience in property management rights, both as an owner and consultant. He is arguably one of New Zealand’s most experienced and qualified body corporate administrators.

Economies of scale

NZ Body Corporate can leverage the economies, knowledge and network of a larger organisation. As our client this means that you can access better contractor terms of trade, more efficient administration, access to NZ Body Corporate dedicated facilities management division and more responsive support that comes from a larger team.


We pride ourselves on providing a highly responsive and proactive service. Our helpdesk and minimum service levels ensure that you’re responded to immediately. We regularly conduct unscheduled visits to every property under management at least four times per year to keep up to date with the property and its needs and audit maintenance.


NZ Body Corporate deliver competent and professional administrative services to ensure the smooth running of your body corporate. As unbiased professionals you can rely on us to always act in the best interest of your body corporate.

Administering a body corporate takes time, and legally all correspondence, requests and work orders must be well documented. Insurances must also be appropriate and maintained, with all necessary documentation for claims well managed.

Coordinating, chairing and minuting body corporate meetings is a mammoth task for any one individual, our team will take care of this for you – ensuring there is a quorum and facilitating an effective and efficient meeting.

Our body corporate team thrive on streamlining processes and paperwork to make body corporate operations more efficient, effective and enjoyable. We also conduct regular proactive site visits, to ensure the good upkeep is being maintained and that we remain familiar with the property. Our services include:

  • Implementation and management of operational rules
  • Ensuring compliance with the body corporate rules
  • General maintenance, work order requests, project management
  • Arrange cleaning and caretaking
  • Insurance, including claims and policy management
  • AGM and committee meeting coordination, facilitation, minuting and distribution of minutes
  • Correspondence Management
  • Maintain Register of Owners
  • Regular site visits
  • Dedicated support team

Getting your development’s body corporate structure right from the outset can create real value for a property in the long term. Our services include:

  • Maintenance contracts – be fully aware of ongoing maintenance needs and budgets, so there are no surprises and no disruption to the performance of your property
  • Operating budgets – a quality budget will avoid inconvenient and uncomfortable discussions in future should funds not be sufficient to cover common issues such as repairs and maintenance
  • Levies – based on budget and maintenance, put in place a levy structure with detailed costings behind it for the reference of your body corporate members
  • Operational rules – clear and comprehensive operational rules from the outset will avoid future conflict and expensive variations
  • Compliance – ensure that the establishment, documentation and register of your body corporate is compliant with s85 of the Unit Titles Act

Our Facilities Management teams work closely in providing proactive, but also responsive management of property maintenance and services requirements. This includes:

  • Management of day-to-day essential services
  • Effective service contract management (we have the benefit of negotiated Group contracts)
  • Budgeting and management of operating expenditure
  • Systems and processes to maximise the economic life of assets
  • Optimising asset operational efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Services efficiency

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