Specialists in Body Corporate Administration & Consultancy

NZ Body Corporate services provide peace of mind to both owners and investors through cost-effective, independent and transparent body corporate administration services.

Our purpose is to lessen your stress levels and heighten your investment potential. We take professional control of your collective body corporate property and build a more stable high functioning body corporate community.

In today's complex legal environment engaging with professional experienced body corporate administrators alleviates the liabilities and time involved in administering the many body corporate functions.


Our Competitive Advantages


NZBC Director Tony Brindle has 30 years of experience in property management rights, both as an owner and consultant. He is arguably one of New Zealand’s most experienced and qualified body corporate administrators. 

Tony is recognized as an industry authority, having been chosen to be part of a body corporate legislation reform workgroup formed by MP Nikki Kaye, and more recently as Auckland representative on the Body Corporate Chairs Group (BCCG).

Economies of scale

NZ Body Corporate can leverage the economies, knowledge and network of a larger organisation. As our client this  means that you can access better contractor terms of trade, more efficient administration, access to NZ Body Corporate dedicated facilities management division and more responsive support that comes from a larger team – including access to a 24/7 helpdesk. 

Tony’s strategic property management and investing experience, paired with NZ Body Corporate extensive property network and knowledgeable team, presents us with the opportunity to deliver creative and innovative ideas to our clients.


We pride ourselves on providing a highly responsive and proactive service. Our 24/7 helpdesk and minimum service levels ensure that you’re responded to immediately. We regularly conduct unscheduled visits to every property under management at least four times per year to keep up to date with the property and its needs and audit maintenance.

We understand that you’re trusting us to protect the value of your asset, we take that trust seriously and work to build a relationship you can trust in.

Our Pledge

We pledge to deliver competent and professional administrative services to ensure the smooth running of your body corporate.

As unbiased professionals you can rely on us to always act in the best interest of your body corporate. 

We are invested in concentrating on the day-to-day functions of your body corporate, attending to the required administrative tasks, leaving you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of ownership.